Intelligent Wireless Home System

Stand Alone IR Controller
Digital ID Coding, Safely, Efficiently & Expandable
Co-work with e2-LiVE RF Remote Controller to 
Control Home IR Appliances Directly. 
(ex. RC-09, TC-12 or TC-10N..., etc.)
Translates IR as RF Signal, Pass through Partition, Control without Direction & at will.
Co-work with e2-LiVE Network Product to Achieve
Internet / PC Remote Control
(ex. PC-08, PC-09, VC-1000..., etc.)
7 in 1 IR HA Remote Controller Integration;
--- IR Code Learning & Storage
--- IR/RF Translation
--- IR Diffusion, No Direction Emission
--- IR Macros (Scenes) Store & Emission
Built-in a Buzzer, Can Be Enable/Disable
Digital ID Encoding : 0000 ~ 9999, 10 thousand combination
RF Receiving Frequency : 433.92MHz +/- 150KHz, Low Pwer Transmission Type
RF Effective Rang : Depends on the number & material of partitions.
In wide open space, the signal could broadcast as far as 60m.
IR Effective Rang : 7M wide open area, circle emission
IR Learning Memory : 256 Bit per code RF 20~455KHz
Total 217Buttons ( ex. RC-09 )
Macro (Scene) Storage : "10"; 60 motions for each IR Macro
Power Source (Adaptor) : AC 110V-240V, 50~60Hz to DC 5V, 1.4A